Mary Wald

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Web/Social Media: The Heart of Nuba

I consider my self greatly blessed to have worked with Mary Wald for over two years promoting my latest film, The Heart of Nuba. Not only is she creative, innovative and technically solid, she is extremely result oriented which is exactly what my project needed.

With the monthly bulletins that she created and distributed we were able to raise over $500,000 for a hospital in the war-torn Nuba Mountains of Sudan. I cannot say enough about how reliable and responsive Mary is, making her my go-to person on this and future projects.

Kenneth A. Carlson

Producer and Director, The Heart of Nuba

Dr. Tom Catena is the only doctor for 200 miles in the Nuba Mountains, caring for nearly one million patients while the countryside, and the residents, are being relentless bombed by Sudanese President Omar al Bashir. “Dr. Tom,” recipient of the 2018 Aurora Prize for his work, is strengthened by his faith and his love of the Nuba people.

The Heart of Nuba, a full length documentary film, was released in theaters across the US in April and May, 2019, and is currently available on Hulu, Amazon Prime and iTunes.